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Specifications and comparison of Porter custom made Cabinets and store bought cabinets & Installation


Porter Custom Cabinets

Who am I dealing with?

Being an independent, means that there is one person who is responsible for measuring, building, delivering, installing and addressing concerns. Easy to get a hold of and stands behind the work. Each job is started and completed in a steady and timely manner. Unlike contractors who work for home centers, another installation is not started until the current job is completed. Did you know that home centers (Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.) require 100% payment up front for a kitchen remodel before they order anything? (I only require 50%). According to Consumer ReportsŪ August 2007, "our latest surveys show that no one retailer was impressive for design help, installation services, and product quality, selection and price."

Typically there are problems with home centers kitchen remodels which leaves you with no choice but to let them attempt to solve the problem at their convenience because THEY ALREADY HAVE YOUR MONEY!

What can I expect as far as a quality product?
CABINET BOX: 1/2" or 3/4" furniture-grade plywood.
SHELVES: 3/4" solid hardwood
MOUNTING STRIPS: 3/4" solid hardwood
DRAWERS: solid wood sides, dovetail
DOORS: solid wood frame & solid wood panel
FRAMING: solid hard wood mortise & tenon joinery dadoed & splined to sides - no staples
TOE BOARD: solid hardwood
HINGES: hidden pin type opens 180º

Home Centers, Factory Cabinets

Who am I dealing with?

Large corporations who don't make anything with the exception of a lot of money. They buy from a few local companies such as Kraftmaid® but largely from their main sources in china. Several people are involved in a kitchen remodel. The responsible person is who ever is there that knows something about the job. Hopefully the person who sold you the job is working that day and not on vacation or quit. If the problem is with one of their contractors they will have to track him down and within a few days try to resolve the issue. Meanwhile no kitchen. If (most likely) the cabinets are broken upon arrival, wrong size, color or missing parts, then someone has to go to your home to verify your problem then order replacements. Things should be resolved in a week or so. Meanwhile, still no kitchen. No sense getting upset because THEY ALREADY HAVE YOUR MONEY! But look on the bright side, you fell you got a good deal! Right? Wrong. Check your sales slip. Cabinet prices... seems fair, what's this? Moulding $500, handles $95, upgrade to wood sides $300, plumbing, electrical, appliance install $500, tax $500, etc., etc., etc.!
Beside the aggravation of 3 weeks still no kitchen!

What can I expect as far as a quality of product?
CABINET BOX: 3/8" or 1/2" coated particle board
SHELVES: 1/2" or 5/8" coated particle board
MOUNTING STRIPS: particle board or pine
DRAWERS: wood dovetail or particle board staple
DOORS: solid wood frame & particle board/veneer panel
FRAMING: solid wood stapled & hot glued to sides
TOE BOARD: particle board painted black
BACKS & DRAWER BOTTOMS: coated particle board
HINGES: euro hidden type opens 110º
Note: sides can be upgraded to plywood at extra cost

Specifications Brochure Available Upon Request

80 Venloe Dr.  Poland, OH 44514
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